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For your next voice-over project for commercial, corporate film, explainer, documentary, billboards, trailer videos, e-learning,
Don't hesitate to contact Frédéric Blindt, french native voice-over actor, in Paris or in a remote studio. Voice-over rates on request.

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With over 15 years' experience as an actor and voice-over artist for hundreds of productions on radio, television and the internet, for brands, corporate films, documentary, trailers,audioguide, motion design, institutional voice-overs, etc... Frédéric Blindt listens carefully to his partners and clients and always makes sure he understands their needs so that he can provide the voiceover that suits them perfectly..

To ensure the success of your audiovisual project, it's best to call on an experienced actor who fully understands your objectives and expectations. It's important to choose a voice-over that matches the image you want to convey for your message, your company, your product or your film. To enhance your image, but without being in the image!

All this in a mutual listening environment, with permanent, rapid feedback, tailor-made rates, in a Paris studio, in the studio of your choice, or in Fred's professional home studio for remote voice-overs.


Voice casting is a decisive stage in audiovisual production, so you can choose the voices, timbres and intentions that suit you best from the audio and video samples presented here, and imagine what will best suit your needs.
Frédéric can also record a test on a script of your choice in his home studio, with professional audio quality, or in the studio of your choice.
An adaptable, responsive actor who looks forward to working with you.

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Voice over RATES

The famous question of voice over rates ...Well, it's actually quite simple. There are 2 distinct parts to the question of remuneration.
The first is the least complicated. It's the rate for the voice-over recording. In other words, the actor records his voice into a microphone in the studio. Rarely linked to the length of the recording session, except for very long sessions or for documentaries or e-learning, the rate varies between 150 euros and 450 euros depending on the actor (although there are exceptions). Whether the session lasts 10 minutes or 4 hours, this is the usual practice. Let's just say that between €200 and €350 is 'good practice' for a french professional voice over actor.

Then, and this is where it gets a little more complex, the second part of the remuneration concerns the possible transfer of exploitation rights depending on the use and broadcasting of the voice-over. All this is correlated to the number of media (variations, etc.) and the length of use (generally between 1 and 3 years for a voice-over in advertising). In advertising, depending on the country(ies) of broadcast and the number of variations (e.g. on replay, the web, the client's website, social networks, etc.), this can vary between 150 and over 1000 euros per film. But of course there are disparities depending on the type of project, the budgets allocated, the actor's reputation, etc.
It's up to the producer or agency to come to an agreement with the voice-over actor beforehand, based on the elements listed above.

Voice-over studio recording - Studio gear

Whether it's a casting or a remote recording session, it's essential that the sound result is beyond reproach.
Although it is always preferable to have a competent sound engineer at your disposal, and directing an actor is always more pleasant and relevant 'face-to-face', sometimes the circumstances of time, budget, agencies or distant clients make it impossible to carry out such a session. If so, rest assured that Frédéric Blindt has his own professional home studio. You can conduct the recording session remotely with SOURCE-CONNECT or with the solution of your choice.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the equipment :

  • VICBOOTH Ultra insulated booth
  • Acoustic treatments : Absorbers, diffusers, Bass-Traps... (Vicoustic, T-Akustik, Primacoustic)
  • NEUMANN TLM 102 condenser mic
  • Focusrite ISA One Pre Amp
  • SSL audio interface
  • Beyerdynamic DT-770 headphones
  • Audio Technica ATH-50X headphones
  • HEDD Type 07 MK2 Monitors
  • Editing software such as Pro Tools, Audition, Cubase...
  • CAD E100 S, MXL, SE Electronics and Shure SM7B backup microphones

French voice over recordings... References

projets voix off

As a voice actor, Frédéric Blindt has recorded his voice for a wide range of TV magazines, programmes and documentaries, but also on radio (notably since 2009 on France Inter, France's leading radio station) and on the internet (websites and social networks) for commercials, or to convey a corporate message based on company values, or for promotional messages, tutorials, training courses and many other applications. Here are a few examples of what we've achieved: Documentary film "La face cachée de la résistance", Manitou Web Commercial, FRANCE INTER RADIO, TF1-TV SHOW, ALLIANZ APP, KLEIBERIT TUTORIAL, MERCEDES E-LEARNING For these references, Frédéric Blindt's voice-over was selected through agency castings, live Internet casting and word-of-mouth. It's as simple as a phone call!

Actor and voice-over artist! Frédéric Blindt learnt a great deal on the radio and in various sets and recording studios. Over the years, he has worked with directors and trained in acting, dubbing and narration techniques, enabling him to devote himself to a wide range of audiovisual and radio creative fields. Whatever the message or medium, it's first and foremost an actor's job, where the voice has to convey emotions and intentions. Whether it's dubbing or e-learning, every word is important. Diction and tone are essential, but insufficient without acting. It's a two-way game, and a passionate one. This passion can be found in the voice acting profession. It's a serious job, but it's also a lot of fun! Like here with...this commercial voice. Or with this cool voice for a shaving guide Philips or with this dynamic institutional voiceover for Unimes.
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contact details

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For all enquiries (availability, voiceover rates, casting, etc.) you can send an email to : [email protected] or phone him directly on the number shown above.

Frédéric can travel to the recording studio of your choice in Paris, Lille, Reims, and even further afield in France.
If you're looking for a French voice-over actor, but live in England, the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Italy -
in short, anywhere on the globe - Frédéric can record remotely from his professional home studio.
All the best !

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